Mad Tausig Book Cover

Mad Tausig vs the Interplanetary Puzzling Peace Patrol. Upon graduating from the I3P (Interplanetary Puzzling Peace Patrol), your first assignment is to stop Mad Tausig. It won’t be easy! Puzzles, traps, mazes, and robots lie in wait on your journey to foil this madman’s plot. Ages 9-12, more or less. Buy it from Amazon.


Gonzo Book Cover

Gonzo Crosswords. Every one of these “gonzo” puzzles is constructed by Ben Tausig from his self-syndicated alternative weekly crossword series (featured in such papers as the Village Voice and the Chicago Reader). It’s perfect for those who know their Ashlee Simpson from their Marge Simpson, along with other modern and pop culture references. As a special extra, the answers to every puzzle include a unique “commentary track” in which Tausig explains some of the more difficult answers or provides amusing anecdotes about the crossword’s creation. For everyone. Buy it from Amazon.